My christian book

So many people however do not feel that they are important and
necessary. This makes me sad as no one ought to feel inferior,
the least of the least or indeed last. But if you do then Jesus
has a special place for you in His Kingdom. 
Matthew 19:30 says:
But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will 

be first.
I once counted myself a least of the  least, because that is
what was implanted in my memory by mean bullies. No one thought 
I would amount to much, but God had his own plans, and in many 
things I achieved more.
Certainly having a book published was one of my high spots – me
an author, who would have believed it?
God did.
And now I do.
My quirky book about family life and God’s omnipresence filling
the pages has people thinking. Not just thinking, but praying too. 
It is a wonderful feeling knowing that your book is affecting 
people’s lives, giving them hope and changing their way of 
understanding God's in everyday life.
How amazing is it to receive a review like this:
“What a remarkable and enriching book – engaging, practical, funny,
sad, powerful and poignant. It’s structure and immediacy hooked
me at once – I’d not read anything quite like it before. An
entirely original way of writing about family, faith, and meaning.”
If you are interested in finding out more about my book,
How to make Victoria Sponge, then please visit my website:
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My desire is that this book will bring hope into your life
and experience God’s omnipresence in a way you never realised