A bit of fun

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him. Matt 5:3

For many years I thought I was in charge of my life. I was a foolish builder of my own destiny. I heard the word of God and still thought I was in charge. (Matt 7: 24-27) 

It was no wonder then that my life was a mess, I was stressed and dis at ease. If God didn't answer my prayers I would answer them myself. This God that I had been taught about was distant and unresponsive, or so I thought. Looking back it seems that I only ever tried to have a relationship with him when I wanted something, and even then it was a something that I thought I needed. 

It is easy to fall into this trap, "Fools think their own way is right, but the wise listen to others". (Proverbs 12:15) I certainly was a fool. 

It takes courage to admit that you are wrong, that in fact trying to organize your own destiny is a fools game. A game for the proud of heart. A game of proof that states, 'look what I have done, my skills and expertise has made this happen.' This is opposite to the poor of heart.

The poor of heart understand that nothing would have been accomplished if that person had not been given the means to do such amazing things from their Creator. They know the true value of their talents and who to give credit for their success. They understand that without God their achievements would only satisfy the world and its desire for riches and success. That the Kingdom of God would not be glorified through these landmarks. The poor of heart know who their Guide is, showing them the path that He wants them to lead. They embrace the necessity for God in their life and accomplishments. "The prudent understand where they are going, but fools deceive themselves". (Proverbs 14:8) 

"God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him". (Matt 5:3) When we make that step from the fool to wise we understand that we are God's offspring, "We live and move and exist" (Acts 17:28) because of God. "The Kingdom of Heaven is theirs."

Those around us who are proud and believe that their accomplishments are without God's help are indeed poorer than the poorest person on this earth. These people are loud, clashing their symbols and celebrating their own achievements, they have their reward, the praise of man, their place in history. I pray that they will one day give up their earthly standing and thank God for His abundant blessings that gave that person their ability. That they may throw away their self righteous clock and become 'poor in spirit'.