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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Masks - Who am I today?

Getting up any day can be a chore, especially when you cant remember which mask you have to wear. But who are we really fooling when we wear a mask?

Jesus is the same today as he was yesterday, he never wore masks. While on earth he was faithful to who he was and to who the Father called him to be. 

Why do we feel unable to be ourselves? 

Why do we feel the need for masks?

Why is it so hard to be honest with ourselves and others? 

Who are we deceiving? 

God sees through all our facades. We cannot hide from Him. He wants us to be who we were born to be. Who He wants us to be. For some of us this can be a long journey towards the realization that we are not who we think we are. 

Stripping ourselves from our masks is painful. We need God's help because a lot of the masks are for self preservation. 

Yesterday I wore the mask of a victim,because I listened to the lies of the world,  but today with Jesus in my life I can be me. The daughter of the King, a worthy subject who is greatly loved. This does not mean that the masks don't attempt to slither back into my life, as they do, but by acknowledging and declaring them as false I can give them to God for his healing. 

So who am I today? I still get grumpy, frustrated, angry at times, feel misused, misunderstood, unappreciated and fat. I am human in other words, but my prayer at the end of the day instead of 'Oh God help me', is 'thank you God for helping me'. It is no longer a prayer of desperation, but one of thankfulness as I have tried and given the Glory to God for whatever I  have managed to achieve that day. It might only have been to get up, but in so doing it was an act of faith believing that the day has been conquered for God's honor and glory.