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Monday, 18 November 2013

You are God's blessing

No matter how we came to be born we are God's Blessing. Even if our parents wanted us or didn't want us, God did. He had already thought of you before the beginning of time. He knew your genetic line, when you would be born, what era, and in what circumstances.

We know this is true when we read Jeremiah 1:5 "I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations" (Taken from the New Living Translation)

However our own view on this can very different. Our life's experiences may tell us differently. If we grew up in a battlefield of angry exchanges and bitter reproaches, if our successes were sneered or laughed at, our characters beaten out of us or if we were never good enough for parents expectations, our opinion of ourselves may not envelope that of being a blessing. If we lived without love then it can be very hard to understand or believe that there is something out there that can love us to distraction. That we are worth that love.

But we are because we were made in the image and likeness of God. In God there is no distortion of his image. When we were made we were made in Heaven, and were planted in our mother's womb. Once we are out of the Heavenly realm, sin can and does play its hand. How we are treated once we are in the womb of this world will determine our response. Everything from then on in is linked to a pattern that we learn early on. And it is only by allowing God into our lives that that pattern can be changed and healed. 

And how do I know this, because God won me over. He taught me where I had listened to the lies of the devil spoken through mankind, through his deeds and words. He opened my eyes to the things that I was doing that were destructive to my growth. He opened my ears to understand that what I listened to backed up the inaccurate message of death rather than life. He showed me my mouth that dished up words of criticism instead of encouragement because of a learned process that had dominated my childhood. He showed me that no matter what I had done in my life I was still his Blessing. He still loved me and I had a room in His mansion. When this truth hits you there is no going back. The Creator of the Universe and all that is in it LOVES ME, (enter you name here and breath in this awesome knowledge) and feel the power of this statement. And if you are still not quite there then contemplate the sacrifice that the Creator made by sending his only Son, who was pure and spotless to be humiliated and nailed to a cross for your sins, touch his hands, his feet, his shredded back and blooded head pierced with thorns and look at the mess of our nature for which he took upon himself in abeyance to the Father, in order to save us. That gets me every time. The brutalness of mankind and still so often we refuse to believe.

And yet we are still God's Blessings. He still LOVES US whether we believe in Him or not. It is this Love that has conquered death, that has opened the Gates of  Heaven. It is this Love that we reject when we do not believe in Our Saviour. It is beyond our understanding of love, it is so immeasurable that it cannot be fathomed with our human mind. It can not be calculated in a scientific or mathematical equation. It cannot be captured and examined under a microscope. It just is and always has been there and we have the freedom to accept or reject it. But we still remain God's Blessing whatever we choose to believe. He cannot change His nature as His nature is Love. He is in love with his creation, because it is the very nature of his Being.