A bit of fun

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

God's seed

I am such a fool. Why? Because I have been trying to plant God's seed instead of letting God do the planting.

Let me explain. Abraham had two sons. One by his maidservant, Hagar and one by his wife, Sarah. Abraham took it into his own hands to become a father so he gave his seed to Hagar and produced a son. But God wanted Abraham to understand that God's seed was above all human effort and He gave His seed to Sarah and she produced a son.

God told Abraham that he would have a son. Abraham decided that that was impossible so he took matters into his own hands. 

But for God nothing is impossible and He did give Abraham a son through his aging wife. This was the son God wanted for Abraham. A son born from God's Promise, from His Grace. God showed Abraham that He wanted to grow Himself into Abraham to produce the seed. It would be from this seed that Abraham would become the father of nations.

Abraham thought the only way he could have a son was by his own actions. He did not understand the Promise that God had given him. 

Do we? Do I? 

God wants to grow Christ in us. He wants us to have Christ as our land. He doesn't need our help to produce Christ in us. What he does need is our co-operation. Our submission to God's promises. God wants to bring forth Christ in us so that God can fulfill his purpose. 

When God tells us He is going to do something we must do nothing. Why, because we need to leave the doing to God so that Christ in us can fulfill God's purpose. God does not need help to produce the seed. We are vessels, chosen by Him to be filled by Him, so that His purpose can be poured out as He wants. 

Look at Abraham again, it was only through Sarah's son that Abraham became the Father of nations. Not through Hagar's son. 

God delights in Christ. It is through Christ that His will is accomplished. With God working on us, in us, through us in Christ, Christ can be brought forth out of us and God's promises fulfilled. Not by our actions but by God's.

When I look at my life and wonder why things are not happening, my reaction is to do something, like Abraham, even when God has said He will action it. Because of this I have missed the purpose of the Promise of Grace. I have forgotten that God can and will do the right thing for me through Christ. 

I am a strong woman, my life has made me strong, but it has also made me a fool. It has led me to believe in my solutions, my getting things done. I have failed to let God's Grace, His seed, Christ, work on me, in me, and through me for God's purposes.  

Father God, free and save me from my efforts, I need do nothing to help You. Please help me to submit to you through Christ to accomplish Your purpose. Help me to live under the Promise of Grace. 

Lord bring me to the point where "I want to do Your will! You are within me and You must enable me to do Your will. I am not here to do Your will by myself! It must be You, not I!" (taken from Watchman Nee)

May my vessel be filled with God so that I can express You, and let Your work be accomplished in me through Your Grace. Amen