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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

"How to make Victoria Sponge" is now available to buy.

Crack open the chocolates my book has been published!

Yes indeed, it took two years to cook and it is now out of the oven and here in my hands.

Proud, I am ecstatic. 

For those that like a book about a barmy family read it. For those who like a book about a barmy christian family read it. For those who like a book about a barmy christian family that involves scenes of daftness, madness, crying, despair, death and hope read this book. Yes even Dr who puts in an appearance!

So if you are interested in knowing more about this christian novel read on, or if not go and get a chocolate bar and enjoy munching on it!

"How to make Victoria Sponge: a journey in faith." by Margaret Kazmierczak
A Christian Fiction novel.

This book is about a christian wife, mum, daughter, friend who is challenged by the everyday trials of life. God asks her to take a journey with her to show her that He is in everything that happens and is the stability in her life. Victoria Sponge says 'Yes' to God every morning, but she does not know what she is saying 'yes' to.

As Victoria takes up the challenge and she journeys through a week in her life she learns how connected her life is with the life of Christ and what she has said 'yes' to in her early morning prayer.
The book is funny, sad, true to life, challenging and begs the question if you too are prepared to say 'yes' each morning even if you do not know the question that God is asking you to reply to.

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By Teresa White on 2 Sep 2014

A really delightful book, thoughtful, sensitive, faith filled, touching, funny and poignant. As a wife, mother and Christian I find myself all too able to relate to the Character of Victoria Sponge, laughing with her and crying with her as she faces the ups and downs of family life and living in a broken world. A charming and thought provoking read...... I definitely recommend it. A big thumbs up from me!