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Thursday, 9 October 2014

A small story with a big message.

A Jewel in the Sponge - Johnny's story

So far I have not mentioned the 'added extra' that comes at the back of the book "How to make Victoria Sponge." 

Once I had finished Vicki's account of her week, I knew that Johnny's story needed to be told as well in order to encourage other's who struggle with being different. 

In the main body of the Victoria Sponge's book, Johnny writes a letter to his mum. It bought tears to my eyes as I wrote and read it back to myself. It reminded me of the difficult times I  had had as a child. No one wants to be a square pin in a round hole especially not a teenager. But there are many adults who experience this feeling deep down too and grapple with self doubt, unworthiness, low self esteem or think themselves unimportant or not good enough. 

This small book is for all of God's children who need encouragement and a greater insight into God's awesome love for those that are different. In His eyes everyone is equal and enormously lovable. 

After writing the letter Johnny receives a visit during the night from God who takes him on a very important journey. 

I hope you will decide to go on that journey too and be hugged by Johnny's story. 

To wet your appetite here is Johnny's letter.....

    “Dear Mum  
   I am sorry for the things I said to you. I don’t hate you mum, I just get so angry inside with myself for being me. I don’t understand who I am, but thank you for your love, for knowing my limitations and accepting them.
   I feel like I am serving a life term in prison. I see you standing out of reach; I try to reach you but my body and mind are trapped behind the bars. I stretch my arms as far as possible but the bars prevent me from reaching you, from hugging you, showing my true feelings. I am a prisoner unable to escape the cell of my disability.
   I long to be free to express my inner self, to be part of your world, to join in and be like everyone else. I hate being different, trapped in a parallel world. A world alien to you and the family. Seeing, unable to partake. There is no key, not even a lock to put a key into, no release.
   I am a reluctant prisoner, confined indefinitely, with no reprieve date. What heinous crime have I committed to be serving this sentence? How do I find freedom?
   I may not show it but I do love you, I always have.
  Thanks for hanging in there for me.