A bit of fun

Sunday, 19 October 2014

When we have good intentions


It is hard to be rejected when your heart is in the right place and your thoughts are only to offer others a slice of something that will encourage and bless the person(s) who will read the contents of your offerings.

Such was a recent experience when I approached a Christian magazine who only saw my attempt as one of blatant advertising of my product. And my crime, asking if the magazine would like a free copy for them to review. The answer was abrupt, 'no we do not want to review your book', and as an afterthought 'but we wish you the best with it'. 

I can almost hear the Pharisees and the High Priests saying the same thing to Jesus. 'No we don't want to hear your message, but good luck with the Kingdom thing'.  

How can you know if something is for you if you don't even give it a try? If you don't open the book and read it. The same can be said of the Bible. Once you have read it (or feasted on the fruit of the content) then surely you are in a better position to make a decision. 

People rejected Jesus and He had a Kingdom to offer, so it isn't surprising that a humble first time author will be rejected. What did he do with the rejection? He carried it to cross and by His blood it was set free. Hope for me then! 

God bless