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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Wake up church

I feel like shouting from the roof tops "Wake up church" and I mean all churches.

I don't know who wrote this comment but it just spoke volumes to me:

"To receive you need to give.
When you give without strings attached,
you attract more."

This is so true and churches need to take note. If the churches gave without strings attached, more would be attracted. We ought to go to church (any church) because we love God, not from the fear of what might happen if we don't. God gave His love freely, so why do churches attach strings? Churches need to wake up to the call of God's Love and cut the strings, so that more can receive and be attracted. 

God came down from Heaven to earth through His son, Jesus Christ. He came to us and said believe and accept the Good News. He gave us freedom from our sins and access to Heaven through Jesus Christ. It is by His Grace and His Grace alone that we are saved.

To receive we need to give - God gave us Jesus Christ.

When you give without strings attached - God came to us.

You attract more - God's arms are outstretched waiting for us. 

When churches accept this formula people will be attracted by their unconditional giving. 

This is Love.

This is what church needs to be.

We need to stop discouraging God's people from being attracted to Him by our strings.