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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Celebrate Lit Christian book review blog stop 9

Celebrate Lit Christian book review blog stop 9

How to make Victoria Sponge by Margaret Kazmierczak - review by Debbie Curto.

"It is fun to read about someone just like me."

Victoria Sponge is a fictional character but she is a picture of any Christian wife and mother. Each day our Heavenly Father has a personal message to Victoria. I must also say that I especially relate to her because she is just like me in that she falls and bumps her head repeatedly, it is fun to read about someone just like me.

The chapters are the days of the week and start out with a morning prayer and there is an afternoon prayer and an evening prayer. Then it tells about the troubles of the day and we read Victoria's prayers to God and learn how she turns everything to thankfulness to Our Saviour and asks Him to help her to always remember the lessons that day's struggles has taught her. I like that each day also includes Our Heavenly Father's responses to Victoria's thoughts and prayers.

Victoria Sponge uses everyday occurrences, such as trying to catch a field mouse to point out Our Heavenly Father's love and that He doesn't chase us but waits for us to come to Him. This book has really touched my heart and soul, I will be reading this book again and again as it is life changing fiction.

I am including part of one of Victoria's prayers in the review as it is mine also even if I have never actually prayed it. "Oh. Lord. Please help me to be happy with who I am and with the gifts and challenges that You have given me." But after reading this book I will make this prayer part of my daily prayers.

Just to show once again why I think this book is fantastic, here is a prayer that Victoria prays after her daughter dyes her hair pink. "Oh Lord, we all make mistakes; although I am not sure I have made a pink one! Help me to sort this one out or if this is not possible, then a friend who has knowledge of dealing with dyeing mistakes might be helpful." I love that Victoria talks to our Lord as a friend and not someone who is out of reach.

Victoria Sponge is so honest in this book even about finding a pair of clean underwear and a lost television remote.

There is one scene in this book that isn't an easy subject to deal with but Victoria relates it to the  suffering that Jesus suffered on the cross. This book really helps the reader understand that Jesus suffered all the same things that His people struggle with.

There is another story at the end of Victoria's story and it is called "A Jewel In the Sponge". I love how the colors of the rainbow is described to Victoria's son Johnny.

I am going to buy this book in print and give them out, yes the book is that good!

I received a complementary copy and the opinions expressed are my own.

I give "How To Make Victoria Sponge" by Margaret Kazmierczak five stars.


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