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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Christian book review Celebrate Lit blog stop 7

Christian book review blog stop 7

A book can provoke all sorts of reactions from the reader. It may enthuse, annoy, not be their thing or cause them to think and question the contents. I love it when I see someone enthuse about a book in one review and then another is uncomfortable with the contents. Both are good reactions for the author. Today I had one of those interesting reviews where the book was not quite to the reader's taste. 
The reviewer of this blog stop states she had difficulty with the book. It was not her style and out of her comfort zone. However she read the book anyway. Her conclusion though was that God had something to teach her through this book. 
I would say that that acknowledgement by the reader, is in itself, a good revelation. Perhaps not a bad reflection of the book. It caused a realization that there is a need to look deeper into ones life, to reveal what state we are in, in relation to God. The book therefore has done its work. 

It may have only rated 3*'s in the mind of the reviewer, but maybe God has a 5* plan for this reviewer. 

I really had no idea what a book entitled “How to Make Victoria Sponge” might be about – maybe a woman who bakes? Not exactly. Written in the form of a journal, this story is about an ordinary mother of four and what happens when she wakes each morning and responds “Yes” to whatever the Lord has planned for her day. Actually Victoria is pretty extraordinary in the way she relates each and every thing that happens throughout her day to God.
In many ways, I had difficulty with this book. First of all, the style is not my usual cup of tea. I am one who enjoys a good dialogue between characters. There were times that I just couldn’t relate to the character because her thought process was so different than my own. But…”How to Make Victoria Sponge” did make me think…especially about my own shortcomings and how just maybe I need to be more open to the Lord’s leading myself. And sometimes, maybe the Lord has me read a book that is out of my comfort zone because He has something to teach me through it.
Victoria was a unique character and so inclined to one disaster after another. Written in a different style, some of her exploits would have been pure slapstick. But at the end of the day, no matter what had happened, Victoria knew she had done her best in the sight of her Lord. And that is exactly what we all should aspire to.

A copy of this book was provided for review by Celebrate Lit in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

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