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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Crazy Party - Celebrate Lit Christian Multi-Author Giveaway Final Day

🎉Whoop, whoop, the final day of our Giveaway🎉

I hope you are as excited as I am, today is the day!

Who will get the Kindle fire, and who the 19 books the Authors have kindly donated? 
I can't wait to see the winners announced.

Before that there are just two more Authors to introduce to you today.  Kristin N. Spencer and April W. Gardner.

18. Kirstin N. Spencer - Flummoxed.
Kirstin N. Spencer writes whatever she wants, including Non-Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy. Her favorite person is Jesus and her favorite X-men character is Jean Grey. She does not like clones, robots, or clowns.

Just when Olive feels her life come together, it threatens to fall apart. Isn’t junior high supposed to be fun? After Olive’s controversial, award-winning essay is published in the local newspaper, she receives threats from a stranger. When intimidation escalates to hate crime, can Olive find victory through God’s brand of love? Will the local police figure it out before someone she loves gets hurt by the mysterious stranger who wants to silence her voice? But that’s not all she has to deal with. When Olive’s aunt gets engaged, the joy is evident until her aunt realizes that prince charming isn’t perfect. As her aunt’s struggles worsen, the tension puts pressure on every member of Olive’s family. When it comes to her first crush, Olive is still confused. How does God want her to deal with their budding relationship? Is there any choice that won’t result in Olive’s broken heart? Olive is more desperate than ever to understand real love.

19. April W. Gardner - Drawn First Moon.
April W. Gardner writes history with a Christian perspective and a little imagination. She is a copy editor, military wife, and homeschooling mother of two who lives in Texas. She writes Christian historical romance with a focus on our Southeastern Native Tribes.

Drawn by the Frost Moon: Bitter Eyes No More (Creek Country Saga Book 4) by [Gardner, April W]
Spanish Florida once sheltered Lillian McGirth from her fears. Now, it feeds them. Mercy is for the deserving; for Lillian, an unwed mother accused of treason, there is only battering and defeat, but her fall breaks softly in the arms of an unexpected arrival, a man too beautiful of soul to stain with her lost character.

Captain Marcus Buck sails in on a pledge to save Miss McGirth from herself and from her child's father, a ruthless don. All the while, he's to regard her as virtuous and worthy of protection and to guard said virtue from pilfering. But the terms are flawed since he must first guard her against himself. Regardless, he is determined. He will free her, repair her name--simple labor compared to dodging the army's noose, mending wounds three years deep, and navigating a host of rebel Natives bent on inflicting more.

Through the steady crumble of his pledge, their friendship becomes a consolation, for she knows his pain as no other can or will. Their scars are one; their paths, however, might irrevocably become two...
Well, that is all friends about our Authors. That completes the 19 books that are on offer. 

Just to refresh your minds here are all the Authors in this amazing Giveaway. 

Amber Schamel, Chautona Havig, Kari Trumbo, Normandie Fisher, Margaret Kazmierczak, Merrillee Whren, Joanie Bruce, Jackie Castle, Molly Jebber, Carol E. Keen, Barbara Bras, Tanya Eavenson, Caryl McAdoo, Renee Blare, Stephanie Smith, Sydney Tooman Betts, Jody Hedlund, Kristin N. Spencer and April W. Gardner.

So for the final time the Giveaway code is: 

Two of you lovely people will be blessed today with either the Grand Prize of the Kindle Fire or the 1st Prize of 19 Books (mixed paperbacks and ebooks). 

It has been such fun promoting these wonderful Christian Authors. If you don't win then I hope you will look at buying some of these great books.

God bless you all,