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Sunday, 9 April 2017

King enters Jerusalem on a Donkey - Read all about it.

The King enters Jerusalem on a Donkey

Have you heard the news? 

The King has entered Jerusalem on a Donkey. I mean, what is going on - a King riding a donkey? 

Margaret Kazmierczak write about Holy Week
People were shouting and waving palms, it was amazing. Talk about making an entrance with a contradiction. I thought Kings rode magnificent horses. But then this is no ordinary King. 

A King who breaks the rules

We shouted Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! (John 12:13). It was crazy. People pushing palms aside to see, others laying them on the ground in front of the donkey. One man tried to touch the King but his loyal band of followers were tight around him. 

Boy, I love this man. He doesn't do things by halves. He is going to change things around here in a mighty way, I can feel it. If any King can save us it will be this humble man. 

A glimpse of love

How do I know? The King's gentle eyes captured mine as he passed. For a moment all of time stopped, the intense shouting dimmed and I felt gripped by His love. No army could conqueror a force so powerful and liberating. When his gaze released me I experienced a form of drunkenness, a hazy warmth washing over my entire body. Then I knew the truth - love would save us not swords or force.
Margaret Kazmierczak writes about Holy Week
The King's gentle eyes captured mine as he passed

The journey

This week is Holy Week a time to ponder on the events leading up to Christ's death and Resurrection. We too are on a journey not necessarily to the same grotesque end, but nonetheless to a place that requires sacrifice, forgiveness and love to walk there.  
Margaret Kazmierczak writes on Holy Week

Come and join me each day as I accompany Jesus on His journey.

God bless