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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Rumours abound - Crucified King is Alive

The King Arises

Margaret Kazmierczak writes about Easter Day.

Today I am filled with expectant hope, I know my King is the Son of God. He raised Lazarus from the dead - so death can't have any hold on him. 

There are cries and angry voices as I near the tomb. Soldiers are in disarray, searching for something.

The King is missing

The tombstone has been pushed aside. Using the confusion as a camouflage I slip behind the men and peep into the sepulchre. Squinting I see nothing, but the light from the open doorway reveals a white linen cloth on the floor that had been wrapped around my King's body. 

Soldier's mystified

Margaret Kazmierczak writes on Easter

My Saviour is gone. I take a deep breath - The soldiers have been guarding the tomb with Roman precision - there is no way anyone could sneak in and remove Jesus. 

I want to jump and shout, to tell the world that my King is alive. He has risen just as he said he would (Mark 9:31).

Jesus has Risen

Margaret Kazmierczak blogs on Easter

Alleluia, Jesus has Risen, 

My sins forgiven,
Glory to God in the Highest,
His sacrifice, the conquest.
Death overpowered,
His love showered,
Upon me, a sinner,
God the Almighty winner.

We are the Easter People

Happy Easter my wonderful friends. 

Thank you for following me on my journey through Holy Week. 

May Jesus rise in your hearts today - we are the Easter People - the hope in a sinful world. 

Many blessings,


(Note: This is my expression of Holy Week, the order of events may have been a bit different.)