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Friday, 31 January 2014

God is Love

God is Love. 

When we have a relationship with someone we love we want to share everything with them. Especially our love, and often our lives. Being completely in union with them, body and soul. 

This is what God wanted with Him people in the Old Testament. He longed to have a relationship with them. A personal love affair, but they missed the signs, went their own way, did their own thing, often wandered off on their own. Over and over again God showed them Love. At times He gave them what they asked for, always what they needed, bestowed gifts on them and loved them to distraction only to be scorned. That is something I am sure most of you can identify with. But God being Love did not give up. 

God sent His Son Jesus Christ, His greatest gift. What a present, His most precious jewel, the Love of His Heart. And Jesus replicated the Father's Love and gave His people direct access to the greatest Lover of the Universe. He opened a personal door to the most amazing Love we could every imagine. A relationship with God. A friendship like no other. Total Unconditional Love. A Love that would and does change lives. A Love that has spanned all time and encompassed  all of His people. A Love that was at the beginning and will be at the end. 

God is Love. That is the message of the Bible and the message He wants everyone to embrace totally. 

When you love a partner you want to be with them, you want to share everything with them, you want to make them happy. You give them your life, warts and all. You trust them with your very soul and you hope they will do the same and honour your trust and love. If you are willing to do this for your partner and the result may or may not be a life filled with love, then why not with God the Father, Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit who will not break your heart or leave you. He will only ever give you His Love and what is right for you. 

God is Love. He adores you, desires you, longs for your presence here and now as well as in Heaven with Him. Step into His Love, be healed, be free. He is waiting. 

Song of Songs 2:10-13

My lover said to me, 
Rise up, my darling!
Come away with me, my fair one!
Look, the winter is past,
and the rains are over and gone.
The flowers are springing up,
the season of singing birds has come,
and the cooing of the turtledoves fills the air.
The fig trees are forming young fruit,
and the fragrant grapevines are
Rise up, my darling!
Come away with me,my fair one! 

God is calling, how could anyone not answer this call?