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Thursday, 26 February 2015

A love letter from God

Recently I have been wondering how to market my book 'How to make Victoria Sponge' in order to increase awareness and sales. Then today as I was looking for some 'pins' for my pinterest site a thought suddenly arose.... 

The book is a love letter from God. 

As Vicki copes with family life each day, God tells and shows Vicki how much he loves her.

This is not a distant relationship but a real love affair. 

God isn't just interested in Vicki, He loves and adores her. 

He delights in her closeness.

They are intimate with each other through prayer/conversation. 

The book may not be a man meets woman saga; instead it is a far greater love affair because it is woman meets God. A scenario that reaps heavenly rewards. The woman will never be disappointed as the relationship is with God. 

This love letter reaches out to every mum who needs encouragement. Who feels overwhelmed with matters of the heart. Whose understanding is, that when the chips are down, God will step in. And He does because He is Love.

God wants us all to have a love affair with Him, to be intimate with Him. To burden Him with our cares. He is the greatest lover of all time and He cares. He will never leave you. 

This is the God of Victoria Sponge, the writer of this love letter.

My fingers were just the instruments by which He used to convey this story.

God bless