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Monday, 2 March 2015

Hope requires us to stand on the word of God

Why do we worry? Because we see all the pit falls that life has scattered on the road ahead. Does God worry? Of course not, because He does not see pit holes, He only sees the answer. Therefore what are we doing worrying?

Isaiah 65:24

I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers.

This is a bible truth. God will answer our needs while we are still talking about them. He has our back. He is the greatest Partner anyone could have. 

Mark 11:24

I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you have received it, it will be yours.  

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That includes miracles too. And life is full of miracles waiting to happen if we pray for them and believe in God's power to fulfill them. 

My son managed to put a chisel through his finger while carving a piece of wood. It took ages for the blood to stop enough for someone to put a bandage on it, but it continued to bleed periodically if he put pressure on it. The pain was considerable. When he got home he told me about his finger and I suggested that he ought to go to hospital as it looked like it needed a stitch or two. He did not want to go so I asked him what he wanted to do. He said pray for the finger. So we prayed and believed in a miracle. And it happened. My son's finger became whole again with just the scar to show where the chisel had entered it. He was able to use it properly straight away. 

I am no one special, I am not a minister, I have no powers, I am not a 'healer' but I do believe in the power of God. And I believe in miracles. 

Hope gives you that belief because it insists that you stand on the word of God. 

Luke 9:1-6
One day Jesus called together his twelve disciples and gave them power and authority to cast out all demons and to heal all diseases. Then he sent them out to tell everyone about the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick.“Take nothing for your journey,” he instructed them. “Don’t take a walking stick, a traveler’s bag, food, money,[b] or even a change of clothes. Wherever you go, stay in the same house until you leave town. And if a town refuses to welcome you, shake its dust from your feet as you leave to show that you have abandoned those people to their fate.” So they began their circuit of the villages, preaching the Good News and healing the sick.
This was the scripture my son and I stood on and believed in the certain Hope that his finger would be healed. 
Hope is that powerful. 

When we worry we walk away from Hope, we walk away from the Provider of Hope. We walk away from the miracles He wants to do in our lives. Yes we will still stumble and fall as He will encourage us to take the high way with all its pitfalls as He wants us to Trust Him. We must buy into this belief, into the Hope that Trust will embrace us with. The market of life is full of opportunities to experience God's Hope and to witness to His faithfulness. In Him we can be assured of answers. Our worries are already in His hands, He is already working on the path that we need to walk to receive those answers. 
Even if the answer leads us to our own personal cross, God will be there with us, supporting us and waiting for us to hand over the cross to Him, so that we can be resurrected through it and by it. 
God knows what he is doing. We just need to trust Him and stop worrying. 
Worrying will not make God go any faster, as all things come together in His timing and for our best interest. If we turn away during the waiting time we are operating under our own timing and strength. God requires us to Trust Him no matter how long the waiting time is.  God will deliver. He has said it in the Bible and we must stand on that Truth. 
Psalm 50:15
Then call on me when you are in trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory."
Be blessed my friends.