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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Book - Cake or Character?

Victoria Sponge

              Cake                               or                            Character?                            


In the world of the imagination anything is possible. Even the heroine being named after a cake.

My dear friend, Caryl McAdoo, author of a wonderful Texas Romance series, dropped by my facebook author page, asking me to share why. 


I had no idea that "Victoria Sponge" was a kind of cake. :) 
I think we call it Angel Food in the States. :)It's almost like air in your mouth and used a lot when preparing strawberry shortcake. I make mine with vanilla pound cake...thicker and chewier. :)
I wonder how you came up with naming your heroine after a cake?:)
Would you like to share that story? :) <3

My reply to Caryl was:

Caryl, thank you for your question. 
I don't know about you but my ideas often come at 4am in the morning when I want to be asleep.
Before I went to sleep I was brainstorming trying to think of a title for the book. Nothing wowed me from this exercise. 
Then I woke up at 4am and the name shot out of nowhere. Victoria Sponge. 
Why? Because God made us. He put together all the ingredients and made the perfect person. Like a cake we put in the best ingredients, lovingly mix and bake.
The result we hope will be perfect. 
In my case it is not very often. So the idea of a woman called Victoria Sponge was mainly to do with my baking skills. She would be imperfect, like my cakes, but her best ingredient would be God. With God in the mix Victoria Sponge had the opportunity of rising through the messiness of life. This analogy seems to fit perfectly with the contents of the book. <3

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