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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Introduction - who am I

Introduction - who am I


My name is Margaret Kazmierczak. 

I am a wife and mother of three children and live in England. 

I love to write and blog especially encouraging other christians. 

On September 19th this year (2016) my ebook, How to Make Victoria Sponge, was published by Celebrate Lit Publishing. 

I loved writing this book as it took me on a journey of faith. It challenged me to think more deeply about how God is part of my life. 

Here is a sample from Chapter One.

   I believe that two elephants are descending the stairs as the racket is deafening.
  ‘Mind the light’ the kid’s father reminds them as they jump the last four steps. Too late, there is a ping and the light blows as Henry head butts it out of the way. Johnny is the first to the kitchen and picks up a plate with eggs and bacon on it. His hair is all over the place and it looks and smells like he did a spot lick instead of having a shower.

   Oh Lord, wash me clean from my sins and renew my flagging spirit.

   ‘Thanks mum’ he says and opens the fridge. He downs a pint of milk in one go and puts the empty bottle back. He then takes half a loaf of bread for his lunch and leaves for school.
   ‘What about your sandwiches son?’ my husband asks.
   ‘I've got them’ he calls out, not realizing that the half a loaf of bread was for the other sandwiches I need to make for the hungry mob that is left. 

   Oh Lord, give me wise words to feed my children with each day. Help me to point them to your LOVE and quench their thirst.

Victoria Sponge lives a normal family life. Her life is full of chaos, with both funny and tragic events filling her week. 

It is so easy to live and fit God in whenever we can, however, this book shows that our friendship with our Heavenly Father can be so much more. 

Come and see, don't settle for crumbs when you can have the whole cake.

Blessings on you all for reading my post.