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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Desert Island Dilemma - what books would you crave for?


Margaret Kazmierczak asks what five books you would want with you on a Desert IslandA fantastic holiday on a desert Island is almost over. You have packed your bags, sport an amazing bronze tan and are waiting for the golf buggy to transport you to the secluded airport. 

The gentle wind caresses your cheek and is the only indication of anything moving. Being an adventurous woman you decide to scale a nearby palm tree. From your advantage point, you scan the horizon - the Island is totally deserted. 

In a rundown shack, you find a treasure chest full of books. What books would you crave for to be in that casket?

Non-fiction (the bible is already included)?


Choose your favourite five to share in the comments below. A "series" counts for one.

Looking forward to reading your replies.


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