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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Read all about it - 1st birthday for Heart"wings" blog - supporting Christian women everywhere.

Heart"wings" 1st Birthday

Two ladies, one vision and a heart for God. May I have a drumroll, please........

Christian support for women

Thank you

May I introduce two very special ladies - Joyce Graves and Caryl McAdoo - I think a round of applause is required. 👏👏👏

Without further ado, I will now hand you over to Caryl.

Hello! Welcome! I’m Caryl McAdoo, Heart”Wings” co-administrator, blog founder, and Co-heart. Our blog’s creation one year ago has a story. I think a fun one, certainly a testimony of God’s leading and purpose. 

Okay, hold it right there Caryl, I think we need to zoom over to your site to continue...


Righ-ti-ho, see you there.

Maybe not that fast, I don't want you to break your neck

If you are looking for an amazing blog that supports Christian women everywhere come and join Joyce and Caryl at Heart"wings" - you will always have a sister there.  

Happy birthday, Heart"wings" - I love you.

Many blessings,