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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Wow that was powerful - what book rocks your boat?

Wow that was powerful

I have just put my all time favourite book down.The main character is so real on every page, he could be a next door neighbour or a colleague at work. The story gripped me as I read page after page of his heroic deeds that caused division and healing. Its effect will stay with me for the rest of my life. Yes, the good guy won, but he went through a minefield of emotions and personal loss to do so. 

Some characters just get you right there in the heart. 

Have you read a book like that?

Some characters just get you in the heart.

My question today

My reading has changed over the years. To begin with, I liked autobiographies as I found them inspiring. Then I read Lord Of The Rings, Narnia and Ted Dekker novels and my love for other fictitious worlds grew. With teenagers in the house, I like to read what they are reading so that we can discuss the book and its contents. 

So what is your cup of tea in the book world, what doors do you like to open?

Did you guess the book I was reading?

Oh and the name of the book I just finished, The Gospel according to John from the Holy Bible. And the main character was Jesus. 

Looking forward to hearing your comments.