A bit of fun

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Women you are incredible - God chose you to do amazing works.

Women - What would the world do without you? 

Men would collapse without their helpmate and there would be no children. It would die out. 

Can you image the world with only a male point of view? Now that would be interesting! 

Man One, "I am going out to get lunch."

Man Two, "So am I."

Man One, "No I am going to get lunch."

Man Two, "But that's my job."

Man One, "No that's my job."

A big tussle ensues with lots of clubbing and yelling.

The large dinosaur watching the scene thinks "What on earth?" and eats the two men for his lunch!

So that worked!!

There is no doubt women compliment men and vice versa. This scenario would not have happened if a woman had been about, as she would have banged their heads together and told them to get a grip.

Women are wise counsellors; they are the driving force behind every successful or not so successful man. 

Why did God ask Mary to be the mother of His son? God could have saved us some other way as he is God and can do anything.

God knew a virtuous woman could pull off anything; she would honour and obey her Father in Heaven. She would do a sterling job raising His son and accept the horror along with the resurrection. Her strong, maternal, and wise nature would pull it off as her man stood beside her. 

We are all given our calling to be incredible and amazing. It might only be in small ways but those tiny seeds will have an impact. Even if it is just to support the man you love, who seeks your love and encouragement - this is an incredibly important task. 

We are here to serve as Jesus did and there is nothing greater than service in the Lord's household.

Have a good day