A bit of fun

Friday, 1 August 2014

Choose God

The most beautiful thing you can do for God is to choose to love Him and to live your life dreaming of a forever after in His Kingdom. 

God will honour you and your choice. He will send blessings upon you and increase your love. 

He will live in you. What could be more amazing than to have God within you? Your body as His temple of Love? 

You will experience such joy. Your life will have purpose. You will live, not just survive. You will be fulfilled and filled with His Spirit. 

Breath Him in, breath Him out. Allow God to be your life force. It is life changing. 

Grow in love. Be in love with the God who loves you. Raise your arms in submission of His love. Receive His love. He wants you have it. To bathe in it, to be healed by it. To express it, to share it, to heal others with it. 

His love brings peace, destroys the warring powers within, and creates a new being. Accept His new life. Rise and be loved.